A gift for today. A keepsake for tomorrow. A memory for a lifetime.

About Us

Cameron Rose Collection was inspired by its namesake, a beautiful baby girl who owns the hearts of her mom, Kristy, and aunt, Courtney.  The sisters own and operate CRC--- now a worldwide business, but one born of a novel idea and the humble hope to create a gift that expresses love in a truly unique way.

It all began just prior to Courtney's wedding and the baptism of her niece, Cameron Rose…

As Courtney searched for a baptism gift for Cameron, she also busily shopped for wedding accessories, including a perfect garter.  For her niece, she found a beautiful, delicate headband, and as Courtney studied it, she realized it could also be a lovely wedding garter.  When she presented the headband for Cameron’s baptism, she attached a note suggesting that it be saved for future use as Cameron's wedding day garter.

An idea was born, and so too were the humble beginnings of a company that has grown almost as quickly as its namesake.  Cameron Rose Collection has blossomed from a sweet suggestion on a note, to a small enterprise based out of Courtney and Kristy’s homes, to an international business that now boasts large-volume manufacturing, packaging and shipping. More importantly, that once "sweet idea" has become an enduring gift for countless baby girls, and now graces the shelves of hundreds of stores throughout the country--- and has recently become an internationally sold keepsake.

Through all of its growth and development, CRC has remained a family-owned company still run by the originators of a notion that has since become so much more. Courtney and Kristy, and the entire CRC team, thank you for your patronage to Cameron Rose Collection.  All are honored that its product will be part of two very special days in the life a girl who owns your heart!

A gift for today. A keepsake for tomorrow. A memory for a lifetime.